Team Members Overview

For an at-a-glance view of team members and their tasks, click Team at the top. In the Overview tab, all team members are listed with their status (employee or admin), as well as number of open and overdue tasks.

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Clicking on a team member opens their task list.

You can use the three-dot icon for any team member to edit, transfer data, or deactivate the user. (Note that employee users can only edit themselves, and can also transfer data.)


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In the Edit user window, you can change a team member from an employee to an admin (or vice-versa), change name or email, deactivate the user, and set the user’s default email signature. Note that employee users can only change their own name / email and set their signature.


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The Transfer option is used when a team member needs to transfer data to different team members, for example if the employee is leaving the company or taking a different position within the company. The user’s clients, tasks, and task templates can all be assigned to different users.


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